Rocom Corporation. A very brief history:

Incorporated in 1980, the actual origins of Rocom Corporation go back to the early 60s. While employed as the marketing manager of a competing manufacturer of flexible shaft couplings, our founder Mr. Hollis Jewell first developed flexible shaft couplings utilizing his multiple overlapped curved beam design. His employer was not interested in the design so Hollis set out on his own.

On July 2nd, 1968, after 3 years of intensive development, and an additional 2 years of wrangling with the U.S. Patent office, Hollis was awarded U.S. Patent No. 3,390,546 for his flexible shaft couplings. That same year Hollis founded Panamech Inc. The designs for his flexible shaft couplings and trade name were licensed to a European manufacturer of flexible shaft couplings and Panamech Inc was sold to generate investment capitol for another venture. Sadly Panamech Inc. was out of business shortly there after, but the original European Licensee and the current owner have been producing flexible shaft couplings based on Hollis' original designs since that time.

With the patents in the public domain and his non-compete clause expired, Hollis decided to start manufacturing flexible shaft couplings again. In 1978, we began development of our 3rd generation production machines and, in 1980, Rocom Corporation was launched. In 1982, Rocom Corporation moved to the current location in Huntington Beach, California.

Industries served:

Rocom Corporation provides flexible shaft couplings for all segments of the motion control market including but not limited to: electronics assembly, IC, wafer handling, mass storage, metrology, and rotary instruments.

1923 – 2006

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