Flexible couplings for rotating components

RoCom Standard Series Flexible Couplings

Versatile triple beam flexible coupling designs provide optimized performance and industry leading solutions for all motion control applications.

RoCom B Series: Precision Light Duty Flexible Coupling

Used in various industries from Industrial Automation to Medical to Robotics…anywhere where an affordable, reliable, high-performance coupling is needed. Compact in size where space is a concern. Two sets of RoCom’s innovative three double-tapered curved beams for high torsional stiffness but low bearings from shaft misalignment.

Standard attachments are either integral clamps or set screws but keyways, D-bores, or other features are available upon request.

B Series Couplings

RoCom D Series: Heavy duty flexible coupling for greater misalignments

A heavier duty coupling to accommodate larger shaft misalignment and more axial motion. The six short, double-tapered curved beams provide the necessary rigidity to ensure wind-up is limited. More space between each beam allows for greater misalignment capability when tolerance stack up could affect assembly.

Standard attachments are either integral clamps or set screws but keyways, D-bores, or other features are available upon request.

D Series Couplings

RoCom H Series: For precision applications where high torque and low wind-up are critical

The high performance three beam coupling for applications where increased torque capacity and torsional stiffness are required. One set of three extra thick beams enable high torque capacity and provide additional torsional stiffness while still accommodating shaft misalignment in high-precision assemblies.

H Series Couplings

RoCom E and F Series: Encoder coupling with an expandable shaft

Tapered expander shaft couples encoders or other transducers to large diameter shafts without the need for adapters or stub shafts. Dielectric bushing provides electrical and thermal isolation. The traditional RoCom dual triple beam configuration provides the torsional rigidity and misalignment capability required to ensure smooth performance.

Expander Shaft Coupling

RoCom Couplings Corp designs and manufactures a wide array of flexible couplings, in both standard designs and custom solutions. Use our coupling selector tool or contact us at [email protected] to assist you in determining the most appropriate helical beam coupling for your application.

Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents

WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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