Renowned for its innovative multiple overlapped curved-beam technology, Rocom Corporation develops, designs and manufactures an extraordinary selection of flexible shaft couplings for the motion control industry.
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Use our step by step Configuration tool for flexible couplings to search our data base of over 25,000 Flexible shaft couplings to find the right flexible couplings for your application.

Flexible shaft couplings for the OEM Market

Strongly focused on serving the OEM flexible couplings market, Rocom's products provide great value, delivering exceptional performance at a very affordable price.

Rocom develops flexible shaft couplings for all segments of the motion control industry including electronics assembly, IC wafer handling, mass storage, metrology, rotary instruments (encoders/resolvers), medical and office equipment.

The company offers flexible shaft couplings based on our exclusive, proprietary designs along with improvements to existing designs achieved through creative cost-saving manufacturing techniques and cutting edge materials.

The Rocom Difference

Incorporating a proprietary method of cutting six short, overlapping, double-tapered curved flexible beams, Rocom's exclusive flexible couplings design is the culmination of years of development. The beams are thick at the OD and thin at the ID in proportion to the circumferential lengths. They are thick at the hub end of the beam and thin at the circumferential center, which forces the flexing to the center instead of the end where the highest stress would occur. The thick OD of flexible couplings increases strength without sacrificing life. Rocom's flexible shaft couplings deliver exceptional stability and outstanding vibration dampening properties.

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Use our Product Selection Guide to determine the right flexible couplings for your application needs.

Our easy to use online application worksheet will help you through the new application engineering proposal process.
All Rocom's flexible shaft couplings are RoHS compliant.
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